Our Collection



Introducing our latest line of apparel crafted from luxurious pineapple leaf fiber. With decades of expertise in garment making, our pieces boast unparalleled comfort and style. Tailored for the athleisure enthusiast with an eye for elegance in every detail, our collection encapsulates both performance and aesthetics, ensuring a flawless fusion of style and comfort.


For four decades, sweaters have been our company's hallmark. We seamlessly blend expertise, experience, and heritage to create the epitome of clothing excellence.


T-shirts are at the heart of our brand, embodying our commitment to quality and style. Our expertise and dedication converge to craft the ultimate in everyday apparel, ensuring unmatched comfort and timeless appeal.


Our blouses are refined with elegance and grace, displaying timeless sophistication. With great attention to detail and a passion for quality, each piece if crafted to elevate your collection with style and grace.



Discover unparalleled comfort with our PALF socks, crafted to redefine your sock experience. Engineered with exceptional fabrics boasting anti-bacterial properties, our socks keep unpleasant odors at bay. Designed for longevity and molded for extraordinary comfort, they promise to elevate your daily wear to new heights. Experience lasting luxury with every step.



Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability with our bags. Designed to withstand the test of time, each bag not only accompanies you for a lifetime but also embodies the narrative of environmental conservation and protection of natural habitats.



Introducing our innovative vegan leather, meticulously crafted as a sustainable alternative to traditional leather. Made from pineapple leaf pulp, our material not only offers a superior hand feel but also upholds ethical production practices. Embrace style with a conscience, as we redefine luxury with compassion for both you and the planet.



Say goodbye to unpleasant towel odors with our pristine towels. Experience unmatched softness that transforms every use into a blissful moment.



Imagine no more! Introducing pineapple leaf paper, crafted from the pulp of pineapple leaves. Say goodbye to environmental concerns with our completely biodegradable paper, ensuring a sustainable solution for your writing needs.