A Legacy of Excellence

35 Years of Crafting Premium Sweaters for Global Fashion

Established in 1988, UKL Enterprise Co., Ltd. (UKL) embarked on a mission to deliver top-tier sweaters and knitted apparel to customers. Over 35 years, it has evolved into a premier supplier, earning the trust of leading European and American fashion brands.

UKL's PALF Revolution

Empowering Taiwan's Textile Industry through Eco-Conscious Solutions

In 2023, UKL created a Sustainable Materials Department, focusing on the advancement of Taiwan's local environmentally sustainable recycled materials, notably pineapple leaves fiber (PALF). PALF, derived from indigenous pineapple leaves, fills a void in Taiwan's textile industry by utilizing locally sourced agricultural waste. With a dedicated emphasis on the development of Taiwan's indigenous natural fibers, PALF pioneers a new era of eco-conscious textile solutions. Utilizing recyclable, zero-carbon emission pineapple leaves, UKL establishes Taiwan's premier sustainable yarn and fabric trial production line, dedicating efforts to the creation of environmentally friendly textile products. By championing waste recycling and reuse, UKL aims to catalyze a shift towards a more eco-friendly, sustainable textile and fashion industry in Taiwan.

Keeping Pace with the Times