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About Us

Established in 1987, UKL is a company dedicated to innovative eco-friendly materials. We began in Taipei, focusing on providing high-quality apparel products. In recent years, our emphasis on eco-friendly materials, particularly pineapple fiber, has gained significant attention. We specialize in research, development, and manufacturing, boasting an extensive production network across Mainland China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Pineapple Leaves Fiber:
Reinventing Natural Resources

Empowering Eco-Fashion Through Nature's Threads

Pineapple leaves fiber is a gift from nature, transformed into high-quality green fiber through advanced technology. We are committed to merging sustainability with fashion, creating stylish products aligned with sustainable development using this innovative material. Choosing pineapple leaves fiber means being part of the fusion of fashion and environmental consciousness.

Reduces water use by 97% compared to cotton.

Use of pineapple leaves saves 2.4 metric tons of carbone missions per metric ton

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